About us

Metal Praxis - European products to customer standards

Metal Praxis is a distribution company of ferrous and non-ferrous, semi-finished, raw materials, products used in manufacturing processes in the fields of electronics, electrical, stamping, drawing applications, industries.  Our customers are manufacturing and distribution companies  for whom time is money. For this reason, our goal is to meet the demands fast, efficient at expected qualitative level.

We offer a wide range of products - all of European origin.
Our services include consulting and technical advice and rapid delivery to ensure the security of our products. Services analysis, optimization, calibration and customer knowledge helps us to anticipate the necessary materials and business needs of each individual partner companies.
The range of products sold by METAL PRAXIS is exclusively European origin.
Our suppliers are accredited and certified in accordance with  the European production, security and pollution requirements. Product quality has a direct influence on subsequent manufacturing processes as well as the environmental compatibility of the product.

METAL PRAXIS is collaborating with teams of highly qualified professionals with experience in finding the best solutions for the most complex requirements of our customers.
Our suppliers are using systems and tools that incorporate the latest technologies that can work with a wide range of materials and  stock.

Metal Praxis - Adapting to a rapidly changing market

In the last decade, due to constant growing of electrical sector, and  higher demands of renewable energy, new products have been incorporated into our portfolio.
This way, we
follow such trends in various industries to anticipate the needs of requirements of our customers.